Food Waste Processing

Your industry uses a large amount of PPE because of the diverse goods you are  are handling.  The need for visibility often means that dirty hi-vis is no longer fit for purpose.   Because it can be a  dirty job,  PPE has been thought of as single use and disposed of accordingly. Laundering PPE for our food waste processing  customers has had a massive impact on their purchasing budgets. We have worked with them to source a suitable protective glove which can withstand several wash cycles.

As a result of our  service, their employees are no longer  disposing of used safety gloves  when they are soiled, or wearing them to destruction to save costs.  They are saving them  for us to collect and we are then returning them clean,  sanitised and smelling as fresh as a daisy!

We are doing the same for their hi-vis vests and outerwear too, as the  garments  have plenty of useful life remaining.  We wash and repair it and send it back ready to wear.

So instead of treating it as single use, please send your soiled protective gloves and clothing to us instead. With our unique cleaning process we can save you you can save between 20% and 80% per item, per wash.

We  also provide a batch analysis so you can quantify your savings, and monitor excessive fall-out.

Contact us today for prices and find out how much we can save you on PPE replacement costs!

The types of gloves we can launder include:

PPE glove
Showa 660 -Oil and chemical resistant