We are working with several construction companies to reduce the PPE waste on their sites.  They are making considerable savings by letting us process their hi-vis outerwear.

Soiled clothing is collected, washed,  repaired,  and delivered back ready to wear.

Unlike other recycling companies, we recover construction site PPE for re-use rather than shredding and re-purposing it.

So, instead of destroying your soiled or damaged PPE, send it to us  and with our unique cleaning process you can save between 20% and 60% per item, per wash.

Contact us today to discuss potential savings on your PPE spend!

The types of gloves we can launder include:

PPE work glove
Showa 341 -Highly flexible, lightweight glove with an ‘advanced grip’ latex coating providing excellent wet and dry grip performance.
PPE glove washing and repair
Showa 240 – High performance arc flash, heat and cut protection
PPE Gloves
Skytec Torin – high level of cut resistance and thermal resistance to 100°C